Permanent Makeup : Beauty Beyond Cancer
Hair strokes or a soft powder fill look can fill in sparse or missing hair.

The eyelash enhancement and/or eyeliner will provide the illusion of lashes.

Breast Repigmentation
A natural looking, three dimensional areola and nipple can be created.
Your self-esteem will be enhanced by restoring your natural beauty after and breast reconstruction.
Breast Repigmentation Available
Permanent makeup can be used to fashion a more natural look after breast reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of a lifelike areola and nipple.
For women who have undergone mastectomies, a permanent makeup application can create a three dimensional nipple and areola that looks realistic.

Your self-esteem will be enhanced by restoring the natural beauty of your breasts.
Lack of color, fading or irregular areolas can also be corrected to create a more natural looking breast.

Looking Your Best During Chemotherapy
Facial hair loss during chemotherapy treatment can be masked with permanent makeup. It is common knowledge that hair loss may occur during chemotherapy
but the possibility of facial hair loss can occur as well.

Permanent makeup is the application of colored pigment into the dermal or second layer of skin. For someone who has experienced facial hair loss, this treatment provides the natural color and appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes. Of course this can be very uplifting during this difficult time.

For the eyebrows, hair strokes may be used which simulates natural hair, or a soft powder fill can be done. Colors are custom blended and several colors might be used to provide very realistic eyebrows. The eyeliner treatment will provide the illusion of lashes when they are temporarily missing, and as the natural hair regrows, the permanent makeup continues to accentuate natural features.

The ideal time for the application of permanent makeup is prior to the initiation of chemotherapy. As hair loss occurs, the permanent makeup provides the illusion
of eyebrows and / or eyeliner, and the actual hair loss will go unnoticed. However an alternative is to have the procedure done after completion of chemotherapy treatment.