Permanent Makeup
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Permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, intradermal pigmentation and cosmetic tattoo are all terms describing the same procedure:
the implantation of pigment beneath the surface of the skin with sterile disposable needles. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements including eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, as well as nipple and areola repigmentation following breast reconstructive surgery, or post breast augmentation
or reduction.

A soft natural look to enhance your natural beauty and features is the goal for every procedure. Pigment selection is based on your skin type and skin undertones,
and will be custom blended specifically for you. The pigments we use in this office
are developed specifically for use on the face and body, and are manufactured under sterile conditions.

Who Can Benefit From Permanent Makeup?

  • BUSY PEOPLE with little time to apply makeup
  • BUSY PEOPLE who desire freedom and convenience from
    daily makeup application
  • Individuals who desire a soft and natural enhancement to their appearance
  • Individuals with sensitive skin and allergies to conventional makeup
  • Individuals who are active and want to look their best at all times – including during sports and workouts-and don’t want to worry about "sweating off" makeup or reapplying cosmetics
  • Women who want to look their best all the time, even when they wake up
  • Women with children and other busy professionals who DON'T HAVE TIME for daily makeup application
  • Individuals who are VISION IMPAIRED and cannot apply their own makeup
  • Individuals who are MOTOR IMPAIRED and are physically incapable
    of applying makeup
  • ALOPECIA clients who have lost some or all of their facial hair, including eyebrows and/or eyelashes
  • CHEMOTHERAPY recipients with full or partial hair loss. (Ideally it would be best to have the permanent makeup procedure prior to any medical treatment that may result in hair loss)
  • Breast Cancer survivors who would like a natural looking areola and nipple after breast reconstruction
  • MEN who want facial enhancements that look natural

Permanent Makeup