Electrolysis : Women
There are many ways that electrolysis-the only form of permanent hair removal-can enhance your natural beauty:

FACIAL HAIR: Most women have some excess facial hair.  Facial hair on the chin, cheek, and upper lip are so obvious that many women shave, tweeze everyday or wax to hide the growth.  Whether it is light and fuzzy or dark and coarse, excessive hair can be successfully treated.

HAIRLINE: including low forehead, nape hairline, and widow’s peak, can be heightened and reshaped to whatever the client desires.

EYEBROWS: Today many women tweeze week after week to maintain the desired eyebrow form.  Why not have them permanently fashioned and shaped into a natural line and end the inconvenience of tweezing?

ARMS AND UNDERARMS: can be cleared with a minimum of effort.  Removing underarm hair not only reduces the level of perspiration, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odor.  Since it is troublesome to shave and painful to wax that area, imagine how convenient it would be to have the hair permanently removed.

LEGS AND BIKINI LINE: Current fashions, demand smooth, satiny legs.  Electrolysis can rid you of the task of shaving and having to put up with coarse stubbles, allowing you to feel more comfortable with smooth legs.

BREASTS AND ABDOMEN: Hair growth in these areas is not uncommon for women, but it increases a woman’s self-consciousness.  With electrolysis that hair can be cleared with ease.

Needless to say, unwanted hair can cause a wide range of problems, from minor inconvenience to serious emotional distress. Electrolysis is the only permanent answer for undesired hair, and you will be left with smooth, clear and hair free skin.

Electrolysis Women